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Centre Facilities/Laboratories

​The NOVITAS Centre consists of multiple Facilities and Laboratories equip with Characterization and Measurement instruments and Fabrication Facilities to serve the functions of Research & Development.
Characterisation Laboratory
​ Molecular Beam Epitaxy
​ Cypher Scanning Probe Microscope
Nanyang NanoFabrication Centre, N2FC​
​N2FC Cleanroom 1
​​ N2FC Cleanroom 2
Nanoelectronics Laboratory ​ ​
​ Video Contact Angle
Nanomaterials Laboratory​
Semiconductor Characterization Laboratory

200mm Wafer Probe Station and Electrical Measurement Setup
Ultra-High Vacuum Conductive Atomic Force Microscope


​Laboratories Location​ ​Telephone



​6790 5479/5477

​Device Fabrication Simulation Laboratory​


​6790 6407/6393

​N2FC Clean Room 1 (CR1)


​6790 6542/6543/6902

​N2FC Clean Room 1 (CR2)


​6790 6541/6542/6543

​Nanoelectronics I


​6790 5454

​​Nanoelectronics II


​6790 5454

Nanomaterials Laboratory


​6790 4548

​Semiconductor Characterization Laboratory​


Contact Information:
To know more on the Centre Facilities/Laboratories, please contact our Research Centre's Cluster Manager, Dr Tan Yew Heng (Email: eyhtan@ntu.edu.sg, Tel: 6908 2310)

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